While some web companies prioritise design or flashy features, we view these as tools to achieve a greater goal — helping you attract more clients and expand your practice.

We can’t bring people to your therapy rooms physically, but we leverage the internet’s potential to connect you with new clients. Your website serves as your primary online presence, and our approach, refined over 20 years of experience, ensures it delivers the results you seek.

Capturing Attention:
To draw the right audience to your website, we harness the power of search engine optimisation, social media links, and targeted campaigns, elevating your online presence.

Integrity First Impression:
As a therapist, your website’s initial impression should exude integrity. We achieve this through top-tier design that is professional, mobile-friendly, and intuitively navigable.

Engaging Dwell Time:
When your visitors linger, it’s a sign that your communications are effective. Easily update your content, maintain your blog, consider offering special promotions to keep them engaged.

Prompting Action:
Encourage visitors to take action and connect with you through our Email Contact Form or an integrated booking system.

Nurturing Success:
A high-performing website requires ongoing care. Utilise our reporting tools, helpful guides, and expert one-on-one advice to achieve the results you desire.

No need to fret if this sounds a bit intricate. We understand that you’re a therapist, not an IT expert. Our approach is to introduce concepts step by step and steer clear of technical jargon whenever we can.

Capturing Attention:
Begin by securing a prominent position on Google. While Google offers an excellent opportunity to grab the attention of potential clients, it’s not a straightforward task given the multitude of websites. What’s the key to success? Therapy in Design employs a tried-and-true proprietary system we’ve honed for over a decade, tailored to the specific needs of therapy websites and professional therapists. Regular testing and monitoring, we consistently achieve page one placements for nearly 90% of our clients.

Integrity First Impression:
Cultivate trust through a professionally designed and mobile-friendly website.

As a therapist, your website’s initial impression should radiate integrity and professionalism. We prioritise design that effectively communicates with your audience, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. 

Mobile-friendliness is paramount because a website risks losing a visitor’s trust if text is too small to read on a smartphone or if the menu is challenging to locate. In fact, Google now penalises websites in its listings if they lack mobile-friendliness. Our websites employ advanced “responsive” coding, ensuring they appear generously sized on laptops or wide-screen monitors while seamlessly adapting to a comfortably readable format on mobile devices. Your design should also prioritise ease of navigation, professional structure, and visual appeal to engage and retain visitors.

Engaging Dwell Time:
Captivate your client’s interest with high-quality content.

Many visitors arrive at websites, briefly scan, and then return to Google to explore other options. If you can retain your hard-earned visitor’s attention, encouraging them to stay and delve deeper into your content, you increase their “dwell time” and significantly boost your chances of making meaningful contact.

The key to achieving this lies in effective communication. In addition to our one-on-one advice, we offer comprehensive guides covering various aspects, such as the strategic use of images to reinforce your message, the influence of colour, and the importance of including a therapist’s photograph. Another potent tool at your disposal is feedback on how well your clients engage with your content. This enables you to experiment with different wording and approaches, assessing whether they result in increased or decreased engagement. Our monthly reporting includes a user-friendly chart that highlights which pages are performing most effectively.

Prompting Action:
Simplify the process for your visitors to get in touch with you. The moment when your website visitor is ready and willing to reach out is a pivotal juncture in your relationship. If they struggle to locate your contact information or if the email link fails, you risk losing them. We offer a comprehensive array of methods to facilitate this crucial connection.

  1. An appealing Email Contact Form eliminates issues associated with copying email addresses.
  2. Social Media links streamline visitor interaction through likes or follows.
  3. Our mobile-friendly designs are optimised for “click to phone” ease of use.
  4. Utilise our booking system plug-in to convert web users to clients when they book a consultation or book one of your services.

Additionally, for those who may be undecided, there are strategies to encourage them to initiate contact. Depending on your therapy area, you can consider offering special promotions or free initial consultations. 

Nurturing Success:
Our mission is to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

For us, it’s all about delivering tangible results, and our  team is readily available to guide you. We begin by offering initial guidance on essential aspects such as selecting a website address, crafting your layout and design, and determining which keywords to target on Google. We also provide analytical tools to identify and address any issues if you’re not achieving the desired visitor traffic or inquiries.

Furthermore, we furnish you with monthly reports, including the visitor statistics page mentioned earlier, capable of addressing questions like:

– Are visitors staying longer and exploring multiple pages?

– How many individuals have visited your news page?

– Are visitors successfully discovering your special offer page?

By staying vigilant and occasionally updating your website, you ensure that your web pages remain current, pertinent, and engaging for your visitors. This, in itself, is pivotal to achieving success. Not only will your website become more appealing to visitors, enticing them to return, but it also aligns with Google’s preference for regularly updated websites. This is why we’ve designed our all inclusive Done For You service to make it effortless in growing your practice.

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